I have known about this for a while, but don’t really have a great way to put it out there – especially within the confines of 140 characters.  I’m actually thinking no one will see this, which means I got away with it.  So it turns out we’re pregnant with our third child!  Surprise!  Abigail is 6 and Amalie is 2 – we were discussing having a third child, but hadn’t got very far in those discussions – much like that last two, this one was a bit of a surprise – but a great one!  We’re due December 24, 2010 – and since the last two kids arrived exactly on their due dates, we’re considering doing something about that, and perhaps convincing it to arrive a couple of weeks early.  I don’t really want to call my kid Noel or Jesus (Hay-Zues), you know?  We’ve actually known about this for quite a while – as a matter of fact, if anyone from my Twitter family reads this, they’ll remember my wife was very sick earlier this year and had 2 major surgeries in 3 days.  Well, the second surgery was guided by ultrasound and guess what else they found?  So yeah – we actually have a 6 week ultrasound picture of our little peanut.  We don’t know what it is, and we didn’t know on the other ones either.  We’ll see at the 20 week ultrasound, I guess.  It’s funny – everyone we’ve told, which isn’t many people, has said:  “Awww, you guys are trying for a boy!”  Truthfully, we weren’t and if I was given the choice, I would actually want another girl.  I love raising girls and there’s some kind of special connection with them as a dad.  Anyway, we’re excited about this news and I’ll likely continue to vent here about it when Twitter just won’t do.

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