front quarter turned wide

Review: 2020 Honda CR-V

There’s no question why the CR-V is a best-seller. It’s a fantastic vehicle. Review and …

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First Drive: 2017 Honda CR-V

Honda’s compact SUV is all new for 2017, and is better in every way. Review …

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front quarter turned

Review: 2015 Honda CR-V

The category that was birthed by this vehicle and the Toyota RAV4 a couple of decades …

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Review: 2013 Honda CR-V Touring

I spent a week in Honda’s CR-V, which has been one of my most recommended …

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Comparo: 2012 VW Tiguan vs. 2012 Honda CR-V (Review)

Looking for a review on the 2013 Honda CR-V? I’ve posted one here. You read …

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