family Christmas Eve

Family Update – Early 2014

Well friends, it’s been quite a while since my last life-related post. I decided to …

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Four Things That Can Never Be Recovered

I have no idea from where, but I’ve heard there are four things that can …

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You Get One Shot At This, Dad

This isn’t just for dads, of course. It’s for parents. This one has been on …

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my babies

Things You Can’t Really Say To Your Kids

Hey, I’m crazy about my kids. I wouldn’t trade them or my experience as a …

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Report Card Cover

What’s Important To My Kids – My Report Card

It’s been a long time since I got a report card. I don’t even want …

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autumn colors

Giving Thanks

I can’t head into this Thanksgiving weekend without dropping a few words on what I’m …

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How My Babies Made Me Smile

I know I’ve talked about this before. About my heart melting. And about my kids …

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my girls

Dads and Daughters

I’m raising two girls – Abigail, 8 and Amalie, 4. I’ve got a 1 year-old …

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What I’ve Learned From My Kids

At one point, I knew I was the smartest person in the world. I knew …

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Heart = Melted

Some days, it seems as though the clouds can’t get any darker. It seems as …

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I Don’t Understand My Kids

If you’re considering having children some day, don’t expect everything to be hunky-dory and self-explanatory. …

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Soaking Up Dad

I figured out why they called that children’s character SpongeBob. Because our kids are nothing …

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Another Brick in the Wall (Give Your Kids a Break)

Hey, teacher – leave those kids alone! Maybe the same could be said for some …

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Don’t Underestimate Your Role, Dad

Given the opportunity, kids will raise themselves. This was me, holding my son, Andon, who …

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What I have learned as a husband – Part 2

In the first part (check it out here), I shared some lessons about what I’ve learned …

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